Inside Cloud 10

Designed for beauty, function and comfort, Cloud 10 is exceptionally well appointed, with a highly functional layout thanks to award-winning architect, George Brewer. Every inch of space is well planned for aesthetics, comfort and flow.

Step In. Float Out

Cloud 10 Salon Interior Cloud 10 Salon Interior Cloud 10 Salon Interior Cloud 10 Salon Interior Cloud 10 Salon Interior Cloud 10 Salon Interior

Unique Amenities

At Cloud 10, our clients deserve the very best. We spare no expense to ensure that our clients are comfortable during their visit and are absolutely thrilled when they walk out the door.

Shiatsu Massage Shampoo Chairs

Costing over $5,000 each, the Celebrity Wash shampoo chair is rarely seen. But, at Cloud 10, we use them exclusively. This unique shampoo chair will give you a wonderfully comfortable shampoo experience combined with an optional (no charge) relaxing Shiatsu back massage. Usually found only in the mansions of celebrities, you can experience the luxury of Celebrity Wash shampoo chairs at the Cloud 10 salons in both Boca Raton and Delray Beach.

Icon Privé Hair Dryers

The Icon Privé hair dryers used at Cloud 10 salons are known as “the Rolls Royce of hair dryers.” That’s because this amazing hair dryer has a superb fan and heating mechanism that dries hair faster with less heat, resulting in a gentler, yet better blowout. You can buy this unique hair dryer at Neiman-Marcus or at Cloud 10 for $700. Or, you can enjoy a luxurious blowout and expert styling experience at Cloud 10 for only $40.