Haircuts and Hairstyles

If you are looking for a new hairstyle and need some inspiration, our stylists at Cloud 10 have the training and experience to create the best haircut and style for you. A great hair cut will make you feel and look amazing, complimenting your overall personal style.

Short Hairstyles

Short haircuts require precision cutting and attention to detail, resulting in stunning edges that accentuate your facial features. To keep your short hairstyle in great condition, keep up with regular hair maintenance appointments. Our team of stylists will advise you on the perfect haircut especially for you, anything from a short pixie cut or a short bob hairstyle, taking into consideration the shape of your face and, of course, your lifestyle.

Medium Length Hairstyles

Medium-length hair can be worn in many different styles and suits most face shapes. Mid-length hair can be worn up or down, or add some extensions without having high maintenance required for longer hair. Hair can be curled, straightened, worn in an updo or tied back in a sleek ponytail. Mid-length is the perfect hairstyle choice for most women, and the styling choices for mid-length hair are endless.

Hairstyles for Long Hair

Long hairstyles continue to be so very romantic and super feminine. Keeping up with regular hair maintenance appointments are essential to keeping your long hair looking lustrous and healthy, without developing split ends. Long hair can be styled in many different ways, curly or straight, with added hair extensions, or worn in a sophisticated updo. Our friendly team of stylists at Cloud 10 can recommend the perfect look for beautiful long hair.

Maintaining Your Hair

To keep your hair healthy, it is important to use the right styling products and keep up with regular hair appointments to maintain healthy hair… thus avoiding dryness and breakage.